guys I am back on clubpenguin!!!

18 07 2009

thats right.

i am back on club penguin.

my dad unblock me so now you can see me!!!



19 04 2009

the cp trainer is working!!!

17 04 2009

hey everybody rember when i said about the cp trainer?

well i got it it is here: then comment and say how to make it more better like the icon more cheats you can tell me here or at the link.

hey sorry but i am thebuilderddd

13 04 2009

hi everyboddy!!!

site beeing shut down.

13 04 2009

sorry everyone i need to do up dates sorry.

bad news

13 04 2009

i have bad news: club is banned from my router it will say:

401 The web site is blocked by administrator


Protected: TOP SERCET POST!!! just enter: thebuilderdd

13 04 2009

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